At this moment I really miss my baby Little H. Even though I just send her to parent in law house this morning.

Lately my time schedule was a bit tiring since the flyover construction nearby office  area. I have to send out my baby to PIL house early in the morning which is on 6.30 am to avoid damn bad traffic jam. Same like during fasting month. Then I just manage to reach back home in late evening around 7.30pm – 8.00pm depends on traffic. It’s really make me tiring plus I have to cook for dinner.

Due to compact daily’s schedule , I do not get enough time to spend with my baby. Every day I can only spend time with her for 2,3 hours. It is so disheartening. Some time I have bad feeling that I felt like part time mother.

This coming 16th November 2013, Little H will turn to 6months. This is the solid time to give her solid food. I wish I will able to cook for her every day. I want her to eat all food that prepared by me. I want her to know that her mother really loves her and trying all hard to give her the best even though I’m not always by her side.

Sometime I felt like useless mother. I have to work and regrettably I unable to take care of my baby 24hrs. I am suppose to take care and educate her as well as see the progress all the growing up time. But I am not the lucky one.

I always pray and really hope that one day I will be a housewife and 360 degrees looking at my own children. Mama miss u Aina Nurhikmah 😦